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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Tabatha Greek, Aramaic alternate form of Tabitha
Tabina Arabic follower of Muhammed
Tabitha Greek, Aramaic gazelle
Taffy Welsh beloved
Talia Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French blooming, dew from heaven, birthday
Tamara Hebrew palm tree
Tamiko Japanese child of the people
Tammy Hebrew, English familiar form of Tamara, twin
Tandy English team
Tania Russian, Slavic fairy queen, form of Tanya
Tansy Greek, Latin immortal, tenacious, persistent
Tanya Russian, Slavic fairy queen
Tara Aramaic, Irish, Arabic throw, carry, rocky hill, a measurement
Taryn Irish alternate form of Tara
Tasha Greek, Russian born on Christmas day, short form of Natasha
Tasia Slavic familiar form of Tasha
Tate English short form of Tatum
Tatiana Slavic fairy queen
Tatum English cheerful
Taura Latin bull
Tavia Latin short form of Octavia
Tawny Gypsy, English little one, brownish yellow tan
Taye English short form of Taylor
Taylor English tailor
Teagan Welsh beautiful, attractive
Teal English river duck, blue green
Tecla Greek God's fame
Tedra Greek short form of Theodora
Tempest French stormy
Tera, Terra Latin, Japanese earth, swift arrow
Teresa Greek reaper
Teri, Terri Greek reaper, form of Theresa
Terry Greek short form of Theresa
Tessa Greek reaper, short form of Theresa
Thaddea Greek, Latin courageous, praiser
Thalia Greek form of Talia
Thana Arabic happy occasion
Thelma Greek willful
Theodora Greek gift of God
Theone Greek gift of God
Theophila Greek loved by God
Theresa Greek reaper
Therese Greek alternate form of Theresa
Theta Greek letter of the Greek alphabet
Thora Scandinavian thunder
Tia Greek, Spanish princess, aunt
Tiara Latin crowned
Tiffany Greek, Latin short form of Theophania, trinity
Tina Spanish, American short form of Augustine, Martina or Christina
Tipper Irish water pourer
Titania Greek giant
Toni Greek, Latin flourishing, praiseworthy
Tonia Latin, Slavic alternate form of Toni or Tonya
Tonya Slavic fairy queen
Topaz Latin golden yellow gem
Tora Japanese tiger
Tori Japanese, English bird, alternate form of Tory
Toriana English alternate form of Tory
Tory Latin, English short form of Victoria, victorious
Tovah Hebrew good
Tracey Greek, Latin familiar form of Theresa, warrior
Traci, Tracie Latin alternate forms of Tracey
Tracy Greek, Latin familiar form of Theresa, warrior
Trevina Irish, Welsh prudent, homestead
Tricia Latin alternate form of Trisha
Trina Greek, Hindi pure, points of sacred kusa grass
Trinity Latin triad
Trisha Latin, Hindi noblewoman, familiar form of Patricia, thirsty
Tristen Latin bold
Troya Irish foot soldier
Twyla English woven of double thread
Tyler English tailor
Tyne English river
Tyra Scandinavian battler

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