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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Sabina Latin from a tribe in ancient Italy
Sable English sable, sleek
Sabra Hebrew, Arabic thorny cactus, fruit, resting
Sabrina Latin, English boundary line, princess
Sadie Hebrew form of Sarah
Saffron English plant used as a spice
Sage English wise
Saida Hebrew, Arabic form of Sarah, happy, fortunate
Salina French solemn, dignified
Sally English princess
Salome Hebrew peaceful
Salvia Latin, Spanish form of Sage, healthy, saved
Samantha Aramaic, Hebrew listener, told by God
Samara Latin elm tree seed
Samira Arabic entertaining
Sandi Greek form of Sandra
Sandra Greek defender of mankind
Sandy Greek familiar form of Cassandra or Sandra
Santana Spanish saint
Santina Spanish little saint
Sanya Sankskrit born on Saturday
Sapphire Greek blue gemstone
Sara Hebrew alternate form of Sarah
Sarah Hebrew princess
Sarina Hebrew form of Sarah
Sasha Russian defender of mankind
Satin French smooth, shiny
Saundra English form of Sandra or Sondra
Saura Hindi sun worshipper
Savannah Spanish treeless plain
Scarlett English bright red
Seana Irish form of Jane, Shauna or Shawna
Selena Greek moon
Selia Latin short form of Cecilia
Selima Hebrew peaceful
Selina Greek form of Celina or Selena
Selma German, Irish, Scandinavian, Arabic divine protector, fair, just, divinely protected, secure
Sequoia Cherokee giant redwood tree
Serena Latin peaceful
Shae Irish alternate form of Shea
Shahla Afghani beautiful eyes
Shaina Yiddish beautiful
Shakira Arabic thankful
Shana Hebrew, Irish God is gracious, form of Jane
Shandra American alternate form of Chandra
Shane Irish alternate form of Shana
Shanley Irish hero's child
Shannon Irish small and wise
Sharee English form of Shari
Shari French beloved, dearest
Sharice French alternate form of Cherise
Sharlene French little and womanly
Sharon Hebrew desert plain
Sharonda Hebrew alternate form of Sharon
Sharrona Hebrew alternate form of Sharon
Shauna Hebrew God is gracious
Shaunda Irish alternate form of Shauna
Shaunta Irish alternate form of Shauna
Shawna Hebrew, Irish God is gracious, form of Jane
Shawnda Irish alternate form of Shawna
Shay Irish alternate form of Shea
Shayna Hebrew beautiful
Shea Irish fairy place
Sheena Hebrew, Irish God is gracious, form of Jane
Sheila Latin, Irish blind, form of Cecelia
Shelby English ledge estate
Shelee English alternate form of Shelley
Shelley, Shelly English, French meadow on the ledge, form of Michelle
Shena Irish alternate form of Sheena
Sheree French beloved, dearest
Sheri, Sherri French alternate forms of Sherry
Sherice French alternate form of Sherry
Sherry French beloved, dearest
Sheryl French beloved, alternate form of Cheryl
Shilo Hebrew God's gift
Shina Japanese, Chinese virtuous, wealthy, alternate form of China
Shirley English bright meadow
Shona Irish form of Jane, Shana, Shauna or Shawna
Shoshana Hebrew lily
Shula Arabic flaming, bright
Sibley Greek,  English alternate form of Sybil, sibling, friendly
Sidonia Hebrew enticing
Sierra Irish, Spanish black, saw toothed
Sigourney English victorious conqueror
Sigrid Scandinavian victorious counselor
Simone Hebrew, French she heard, feminine form of Simon
Siobhan Irish form of Joan
Sirena Greek enchanter
Skye Arabic, Dutch water giver, short form of Skyler
Skyler Dutch sheltering
Sloane Irish warrior
Sofia Greek alternate form of Sophia
Solana Spanish sunshine
Solange French dignified
Sommer English, Arabic summer, summoner, black
Sondra Greek defender of mankind
Sonia Russian, Slavic alternate form of Sonya
Sonja Scandinavian form of Sonya
Sonya Greek, Russian, Slavic wise, form of Sophia
Sophia Greek wise
Sophie Greek familiar form of Sophia
Souzan Persian burning fire
Stacey, Stacy Greek, Irish resurrection, short form of Anastasia or Natasha
Staci Greek alternate form of Stacey
Starr English star
Stefanie Greek alternate form of Stephanie
Stella Latin, French star, familiar form of Estelle
Stephanie Greek crowned
Stormy English impetuous by nature
Summer English summertime
Sunny English bright, cheerful
Susan Hebrew lily
Susanna, Susannah Hebrew alternate forms of Susan
Suzanne English form of Susan
Suzette French form of Susan
Sybil Greek prophet
Sydney French from Saint Denis, France
Sylvia Latin forest

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