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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Jacalyn American form of Jacqueline
Jacinda Greek, Spanish beautiful, attractive, form of Hyacinth
Jackalyn American form of Jacqueline
Jacklyn American short form of Jacqueline
Jaclyn American short form of Jacqueline
Jacqueline French supplanter, substitute
Jacquelyn French alternate form of Jacqueline
Jacqui French short form of Jacqueline
Jade Spanish jade
Jaime French I love
Jaimee French alternate form of Jaime
Jalila Arabic great
Jan English short form of Jane, Janet or Janice
Jana Slavic form of Jane
Janae, Janay American forms of Jane
Janan Arabic heart, soul
Jane Hebrew God is gracious
Janel, Janell French alternate forms of Janelle
Janelle French form of Jane
Janessa American form of Jane
Janet English form of Jane
Janice Hebrew, English God is gracious, familiar form of Jane
Janine French form of Jane
Janis English form of Jane
Jardena Hebrew, French, Spanish alternate form of Jordan, garden
Jarita Arabic earthen water jug
Jasmine Persian jasmine flower
Javana Malayan from Java
Javiera Spanish owner of a new house
Jaye Latin jaybird
Jaylene American form of Jaye
Jayme, Jaymie English alternate forms of Jami
Jayna Hebrew alternate form of Jane
Jayne Hindi, English victorious, form of Jane
Jazmin, Jazmine Persian alternate forms of Jasmine
Jean, Jeanne Scottish God is gracious
Jeana, Jeanna Scottish alternate forms of Jean
Jeanette French form of Jean
Jeanie Scottish familiar form of Jean
Jeanine Scottish alternate forms of Jean
Jemima Hebrew dove
Jemma Hebrew, English form of Jemima or Gemma
Jenna Arabic, Welsh small bird, short form of Jennifer
Jennifer Welsh white wave, white phantom
Jeri, Jerri American alternate forms of Geri
Jessamine French form of Jasmine
Jessica Hebrew wealthy
Jessie Hebrew short form of Jessica
Jetta English, American jet black gem
Jewel French precious gem
Jezebel Hebrew unexalted, impure
Jianna Italian alternate form of Gianna
Jill English short form of Jillian
Jillaine Latin alternate form of Jillian
Jillian Latin youthful
Jina Italian alternate form of Gina
Joan Hebrew God is gracious
Joanna English form of Joan
Joanne English form of Joan
Joby Hebrew afflicted
Jocelyn Latin joyous
Jodi, Jody American familar forms of Judith
Joelle Hebrew God is willing
Johana, Johanna German forms of Joan
Johnna, Jonna American forms of Joanna
Jolanda Greek alternate form of Yolanda
Joleen, Joline English alternate form of Jolene
Jolene Hebrew God will add, God will increase
Jolie French pretty
Joni American familiar form of Joan
Jontel American alternate form of Johnna
Jordan Hebrew descending
Jordana Hebrew alternate forms of Jordan
Jori, Jorie Hebrew familiar forms of Jordan
Joscelin Latin alternate form of Jocelyn
Joselyn, Joslyn Latin alternate forms of Jocelyn
Josephine French God will add, God will increase
Josette French familiar form of Josephine
Joshlyn Latin, Hebrew alternate form of Jocelyn, God is my salvation
Josie Hebrew familiar form of Josephine
Joslin Latin alternate form of Jocelyn
Jovanna Latin majestic
Jovita Latin jovial
Joy Latin joyous
Joyce Latin joyous
Juanita Spanish form of Jane or Joan
Judith Hebrew praised
Judy Hebrew familiar form of Judith
Julia Latin youthful
Juliana Czech, Spanish form of Julia
Juliann English form of Julia
Julie English form of Julia
Juliette French form of Julia
June Latin born in the sixth month
Justina Italian form of Justine
Justine Latin just, righteous

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