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Baby Names

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Girl's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Abbey Hebrew familiar form of Abigail
Abia Arabic great
Abigail Hebrew father's joy
Acacia Greek thorny
Ada Latin, English helpful, prosperous, happy
Adalia German, Spanish noble
Adara Greek, Arabic beauty, virgin
Adelaide German noble and serene
Adeline English form of Adelaide
Adelle German, English short form of Adelaide
Adena Greek, Hebrew noble, adorned
Adrienne Greek, Latin rich, dark
Agate English semiprecious stone
Agatha Greek good, kind
Agnes Greek pure
Aileen Scottish, Irish light bearer, form of Helen
Aimee Latin, French alternate form of Amy, loved
Ainsley Scottish my own meadow
Aisha Swahili, Arabic life, woman
Alameda Spanish poplar tree
Alana, Alanna Irish, Hawaiian attractive, peaceful, offering
Alba Latin from Alba, Italy; city on a white hill
Alberta German, French noble and bright
Alcina Greek strong minded
Alea, Aleah Arabic, Persian high, exalted, God's being
Alethea Greek truth
Alexa Greek short form of Alexandra
Alexandra Greek defender of mankind
Alexandria Greek alternate form of Alexandra
Alexis Greek short form of Alexandra
Alfreda English elf counselor, wise counselor
Alice Greek, German truthful, noble
Alicia English alternate form of Alice
Alida Latin, Spanish small and winged, noble
Alina Slavic, Scottish, English bright, fair, short form of Adeline
Alissa Greek alternate form of Alice
Alisha Greek, German truthful, noble
Alison English form of Alice
Aliya Hebrew ascender
Aliye Arabic noble
Aliza Hebrew joyful
Allegra Latin cheerful
Allyson English alternate form of Alison or Allison
Alma Arabic, Latin learned, soul
Almira Arabic aristocratic, princess, exalted
Althea Greek wholesome, healer
Alycia English alternate form of Alicia
Alyssa Greek rational
Amada Spanish beloved
Amanda Latin lovable
Amber French amber
Amberly American familiar form of Amber
Amelia Latin, German alternate form of Emily, hardworking
Amelie German familiar form of Amelia
Amy Latin beloved
Ana Hawaiian, Spanish form of Hannah
Anastasia Greek resurrection
Andrea Greek, Latin strong, courageous, feminine
Anela Hawaiian angel
Angel Greek short form of Angela
Angela Greek angel, messenger
Angelica Greek alternate form of Angela
Angelina English forms of Angela
Anita Spanish form of Ann or Anna
Ann, Anne English gracious, form of Hannah
Anna German, Italian, Czech, Swedish gracious, form of Hannah
Annette French form of Ann
Anthea Greek flower
Antoinette French form of Antonia
Antonia Greek, Latin flourishing, praiseworthy
Aphrodite Greek sea foam
April Latin opening
Ara Arabic opinionated
Arabella Latin beautiful altar
Ardelle Latin warm, enthusiastic
Arden English valley of the eagle
Ardith Hebrew flowering field
Aretha Greek virtuous
Ariadne Greek holy
Ariana, Arianna Welsh, Italian form of Ariadne
Ariane French, English forms of Ariadne
Arica Scandinavian alternate form of Erica
Ariel Hebrew lioness of God
Arielle French form of Ariel
Arin Hebrew, Arabic enlightened, messenger
Arlene Irish pledge
Artis Irish, Scottish, English noble, lofty hill, bear, rock, follower of Thor
Ashley English ash tree meadow
Ashlyn English, Irish ash tree pool, vision, dream
Asia Greek, English resurrection, eastern sunrise
Astra Greek star
Astrid Scandinavian divine strength
Atalanta Greek mighty huntress
Athena Greek wise
Aubrey German, French noble, bear like, blond ruler, elf ruler
Audra French form of Audrey
Audrey English noble strength
Augustine Latin majestic
Aurelia Latin golden
Aurora Latin dawn
Austin Latin short form of Augustine
Autumn Latin autumn
Ava Greek, Latin alternate form of Eva
Avis Latin  bird
Aviva Hebrew springtime
Aya Hebrew bird, fly swiftly
Ayla Hebrew oak tree

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