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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Wade English ford, river crossing
Wadley English ford meadow
Wadsworth English village near the ford
Wagner German wagoner, wagon maker
Wain English short form of Wainwright
Wainwright English wagon maker
Waite English watchman
Wakefield English wet field
Wakely English wet meadow
Wakeman English watchman
Walcott English cottage by the wall
Walden English wooded valley
Waldo German familiar form of Oswald or Walden
Walerian Polish strong, brave
Wales English from Wales, England
Walford English Welshman's ford
Walfred German peaceful ruler
Walker English cloth walker, cloth cleaner
Wallace English from Wales
Waller German, English powerful, wall maker
Walsh English alternate form of Wallace
Walter German, English army ruler, general, woodsman
Walther German alternate form of Walter
Walton English walled town
Warburton English fortified town
Ward English watchman, guardian
Wardell English watchman's hill
Wardley English watchman's meadow
Ware English wary, cautious
Warner German, French armed defender, park keeper
Warren German general, warden, rabbit hutch
Warwick English buildings near the weir, fishtrap
Washburn English overflowing river
Washington English town near water
Watkins English son of Walter
Watson English son of Walter
Waverly English quaking aspen tree meadow
Waylon English land by the road
Wayman English road man, traveler
Wayne English wagon maker, short form of Wainwright
Webb English weaver
Weber German weaver
Webster English weaver
Welborne English spring fed stream
Welby German farm near the well
Weldon English hill near the well
Welford English ford near the well
Wells English springs
Welsh English alternate form of Wallace or Walsh
Welton English town near the well
Wendell German, English wanderer, good dale, good valley
Wentworth English pale man's settlement
Wesley English western meadow
West English west
Westbrook English western brook
Westcott English western cottage
Westley English alternate form of Wesley
Weston English western town
Wetherby English wether sheep farm
Wetherly English wether sheep meadow
Whalley English woods near a hill
Wharton English town on the bank of a lake
Wheaton English wheat town
Wheeler English wheel maker, wagon driver
Whistler English whistler, piper
Whitby English white house
Whitcomb English white valley
Whitfield English white field
Whitford English white ford
Whitley English white meadow
Whitman English white haired man
Whitmore English white moor
Whitney English white island, white water
Whittaker English white field
Wickham English village enclosure
Wilbert German brilliant, resolute
Wilbur English wall fortification, bright willows
Wilder English wilderness, wild
Wildon English wooded hill
Wiley English willow meadow, Will's meadow
Wilford English willow tree ford
Wilfred German determined peacemaker
Wilfredo Spanish form of Wilfred
Wilhelm German determined guardian
Wilkins English William's kin
Willard German determined and brave
William English determined guardian
Willis German son of Willie
Willoughby English willow farm
Wills English son of Will
Wilmer German determined and famous
Wilmot Teutonic resolute spirit
Wilson English son of Will
Wilton English farm by the spring
Winchell English bend in the road, ben in the land
Windsor English riverbank with a winch
Winfield English friendly field
Wingate English winding gate
Winslow English friend's hill
Winston English friendly town, victory town
Winthrop English victory at the crossroads
Winton English alternate form of Winston
Winward English friend's guardian, friend's forest
Witter English wise warrior
Witton English wise man's estate
Wolcott English cottage in the woods
Wolfe English wolf
Wolfgang German wolf quarrel
Woodfield English forest meadow
Woodrow English passage in the woods
Woodruff English forest ranger
Woodward English forest warden
Woolsey English victorious wolf
Worth English short form of Woodsworth
Wren Welsh chief, ruler
Wright English short form of Wainwright
Wyatt French little warrior
Wyck Scandinavian village
Wycliff English white cliff, village near the cliff
Wylie English charming
Wyndham Scottish village near the winding road
Wythe English willow tree

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