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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Tab German shining, brilliant, drummer
Tabor Persian, Hungarian drummer, encampment
Tad Greek, Latin, Welsh short form of Thaddeus, father
Taddeus Greek, Latin alternate form of Thaddeus
Taft English river
Taggart Irish son of the priest
Tait Scandinavian alternate form of Tate
Takoda Lakota friend to everyone
Tal Hebrew dew, rain
Talbert German bright valley
Talbot French boot maker
Talcott English cottage near the lake
Talmadge English lake between two towns
Talman Aramaic injured, oppressed
Talon French, English claw, nail
Tam Hebrew, English, Vietnamese honest, short form of Thomas, number eight
Taman Slavic dark, black
Tamson Scandinavian son of Thomas
Tan Burmese, Vietnamese million, new
Tanner English leather worker, tanner
Tano Spanish camp glory
Tanton English town by the still river
Tarell German alternate form of Terrell
Tarleton English Thor's settlement
Tarver English tower, hill, leader
Tass Hungarian ancient mythology name
Tate English, Scandinavian cheerful
Tavor Aramaic misfortune
Taylor English tailor
Teague Irish bard, poet
Tedmund English protector of the land
Teller Greek storyteller
Tempest French storm
Temple Latin sanctuary
Templeton English town near the temple
Tennant English tenant, renter
Tennyson English alternate form of Dennison
Terence Latin alternate form of Terrence
Terran Latin short form of Terrance
Terrance Latin alternate form of Terrence
Terrell German thunder ruler
Terrence Latin smooth
Terrill German alternate form of Terrell
Terris Latin son of Terry
Terry English familiar form of Terrence
Thad Greek, Latin short form of Thaddeus
Thaddeus Greek, Latin courageous, praiser
Thane English attendant warrior
Thaniel Hebrew short form of Nathaniel
Thatcher English roof thatcher, repairer of roofs
Thayer French nation's army
Theo English short form of Theodore
Theobald German people's prince
Theodore Greek gift of God
Theron Greek hunter
Thomas Greek, Aramaic twin
Thompson English son of Thomas
Thor Scandinavian thunder
Thorndike English thorny embankment
Thorne English short form of names beginning with Thorn
Thornton English thorny town
Thorpe English village
Thurmond English defended by Thor
Thurston English Thor's stone
Tiernan Irish lord
Tierney Irish lordly
Tiger American powerful and energetic
Tilden English tilled valley
Tilford English prosperous ford
Tilton English prosperous town
Timin Arabic born near the sea
Timothy Greek honoring God
Tinsley English fortified field
Titus Greek, Latin giant, hero
Tivon Hebrew nature lover
Tobias Hebrew God is good
Toby Hebrew familiar form of Tobias
Todd English fox
Toft English small farm
Toland English owner of taxed land
Tolbert English bright tax collector
Tomas German form of Thomas
Tomlin English little Tom
Tony Greek, Latin, English flourishing, praiseworthy, short form of Anthony
Topper English hill
Torr English tower
Torrence Latin, Irish alternate form of Terrence, knolls
Torrey English alternate form of Tory
Tory English familiar form of Torrence
Townley English town meadow
Townsend English town's end
Trace Irish alternate form of Tracy
Tracy Greek, Latin, Irish harvester, courageous, battler
Trader English well trodden path, skilled worker
Travers French crossroads
Travis French form of Travers
Trayton English town full of trees
Tredway English well worn road
Tremaine Scottish house of stone
Trent Latin, French torrent, rapid stream, thirty
Trenton Latin town by the rapid stream
Trevor Irish, Welsh prudent, homestead
Trey English three, third
Trinity Latin holy trinity
Trip English traveler
Tristan Welsh bold
Tristram Welsh sorrowful
Troy Irish, French, English foot soldier, curly haired, water
Truitt English little and honest
Truman English honest
Trustin English trustworthy
Trystan Welsh alternate form of Tristan
Tuan Vietnamese goes smoothly
Tucker English fuller, tucker of cloth
Tullis Latin title, rank
Tully Latin, Irish familiar form of Tullis, peace with God
Tupper English ram raiser
Turner Latin lathe worker, woodworker
Tyler English tile maker
Tylor English alternate form of Tyler
Tyree Scottish island dweller
Tyron American form of Tyrone
Tyrone Greek, Irish sovereign, land of Owen
Tyson French son of Ty

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