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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Saber French sword
Sadler English saddle maker
Safford English willow river crossing
Sal Italian short form of Salvatore
Salton English manor town, willow town
Salvador Spanish savior
Salvatore Italian savior
Samson Hebrew like the sun
Samuel Hebrew heard God, asked of God
Sanborn Latin sanctified, sincere
Sander English short form of Alexander or Lysander
Sanders English son of Sander
Sanford English sandy river crossing
Santo Italian, Spanish holy
Sasha Russian short form of Alexander
Saul Hebrew asked for, borrowed
Sawyer English wood worker
Saxon English swordsman
Sayer Welsh carpenter
Scanlon Irish little trapper
Schafer German shepher
Schmidt German blacksmith
Schneider German tailor
Schuyler Dutch sheltering
Scott English from Scotland
Scoville French Scott's town
Scully Irish town crier
Seamus Irish form of James
Sean Hebrew, Irish God is gracious, form of John
Seaton English town near the sea
Sebastian Greek, Latin venerable, revered
Seibert English bright sea
Seifert German alternate form of Siegfried
Selby English village by the mansion
Seldon English willow tree valley
Serge Latin attendant
Sergio Italian form of Serge
Seth Hebrew appointed
Seymour French prayer
Shad Punjabi happy go lucky
Shadrack Babylonian god, godlike
Shamus Irish alternate form of Seamus
Shane Irish alternate form of Sean
Shannon Irish small and wise
Shaquille Arabic handsome
Shaun Irish alternate form of Sean
Shawn Irish alternate form of Sean
Shea Irish courteous
Sheffield English crooked field
Shelby English ledge estate
Sheldon English farm on the ledge
Shelley English familiar form of Shelby, Sheldon or Shelton
Shelton English town on a ledge
Shepley English sheep meadow
Sheridan Irish wild
Sherlock English light haired
Sherman English sheep shearer, resident of a shire
Sherrod English clearer of the land
Sherwin English swift runner, one who cuts the wind
Sherwood English bright forest
Sidney French from Saint Denis, France
Siegfried German victorious peace
Sierra Irish, Spanish black, saw toothed
Sigmund German victorious protector
Silas Latin short form of Silvan
Silvan Latin forest dweller
Silvester Latin alternate form of Sylvester
Simeon French form of Simon
Simon Hebrew he heard
Simpson Hebrew son of Simon
Sinclair French prayer
Skelton Dutch shell town
Skipper Scandinavian shipmaster
Skye Dutch short form of Skylar, Skyler, or Skylor
Skylar Dutch alternate form of Schuyler
Skyler Dutch alternate form of Schuyler
Slade English child of the valley
Slater English roof slater
Sloan Irish warrior
Smith English blacksmith
Snowden English snowy hill
Solomon Hebrew peaceful
Somerset English place of the summer settlers
Spalding English divided field
Spark English happy
Spear English spear carrier
Spence English dispenser of provisions
Spenser English alternate form of Spencer
Spiro Greek round basket
Spyros Greek alternate form of Spiro
Stacey English familiar form of Eustace
Stafford English riverbank landing
Stamford English alternate form of Stanford
Stamos Greek alternte form of Stephen
Stanfield English stony field
Stanford English rocky ford
Stanley English stony meadow
Stanton English stony farm
Stanwick English stony village
Stark German strong, vigorous
Stavros Greek alternate form of Stephen
Steadman English owner of a farmstead
Stefan German, Polish, Swedish form of Stephen
Stefano Italian alternate form of Stephen
Stephan Greek alternate form of Stephen
Stephen Greek crowned
Sterling English valuable, silver penny
Steve Greek short form of Stephen or Steven
Steven Greek crowned
Stewart English alternate form of Stuart
Stockton English tree stump town
Stoddard English horse keeper
Storm English tempest, storm
Stover English stove tender
Stratford English bridge over the river
Stratton Scottish river valley town
Strom Greek, German bed, mattress, stream
Stroud English thicket
Stuart English caretaker, steward
Sullivan Irish black eyed
Sumner English church officer, summoner
Sutcliff English southern cliff
Sutherland Scandinavian southern land
Sutton English southern town
Sven Scandinavian youth
Swain English herdsman, knight's attendant
Sweeney Irish small hero
Sydney French alternate form of Sidney
Sylas Latin alternate form of Silas
Sylvester Latin forest dweller

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