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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Rad English advisor, happy
Radbert English brilliant advisor
Radburn English red brook, brook with reeds
Radcliff English red cliff, cliff with reeds
Radford English red ford, ford with reeds
Radley English red meadow, meadow of reeds
Rafael Spanish form of Raphael
Rafe English short form of Rafferty or Ralph
Rafferty Irish prosperous, rich
Rahim Arabic merciful
Raine English lord, wise
Raleigh English deer meadow
Ralph English wolf counselor
Ralston English Ralph's settlement
Ramon Spanish form of Raymond
Ramsey English ram's island
Rance English short form of Laurence
Rand English shield, warrior
Randall English alternate form of Randolph
Randolph English shield wolf
Rankin English small shield
Ransom Latin, English redeemer, son of the shield
Raphael Hebrew God has healed
Rashad Arabic wise counselor
Rashid Arabic alternate form of Rashad
Raul French form of Ralph
Raven English raven
Ray French kingly, royal
Rayburn English deer brook
Raymond English mighty, wise protector
Raynard French alternate form of Renard or Reynard
Reading English son of the red wanderer
Reagan Irish little king
Redford English red river crossing
Redley English red meadow, meadow with reeds
Redmond German, English protecting counselor, alternate form of Raymond
Reece Welsh enthusiastic, stream
Reed English alternate form of Reid
Reese Welsh alternate form of Reece
Reeve English steward
Reginald English king's advisor
Regis Latin regal
Reid English redhead
Reilly Irish alternate form of Riley
Remington English raven estate
Renaldo Spanish form of Reynold
Renard French alternate form of Reynard
Renato Italian reborn
Renfred English lasting peace
Renfrew Welsh raven woods
Reno American gambler
Renshaw English raven woods
Reuben Hebrew behold a son
Rex Latin king
Rexford English king's ford
Rexton English king's town
Reyhan Arabic favored by God
Reynard French wise, bold, courageous
Reynold English king's advisor
Rhett Welsh alternate form of Rhys
Rhodes Greek where roses grow
Rhys Welsh alternate form of Reece
Rian Irish little king
Ricardo Portuguese, Spanish form of Richard
Rice Welsh alternate form of Reece, rich, noble
Rich English short form of Richard
Richard English rich and powerful ruler
Richart German original form of Richard
Richman English powerful
Richmond German powerful protector
Rick German short form of Richard
Rico Spanish familiar form of Richard
Rider English horseman
Ridge English ridge of a cliff
Ridgeley English meadow near the ridge
Ridgeway English path along the ridge
Ridley English meadow of reeds
Rigby English ruler's valley
Riley Irish valiant
Ringo Japanese apple
Rio Spanish river
Riordan Irish bard, royal poet
Rip Dutch, English ripe, full grown, short form of Ripley
Ripley English meadow near the river
Risley English meadow with shrubs
Riston English settlement near the shrubs
Ritchard English alternate form of Richard
Ritchie English alternate form of Richie
Ritter German knight, chivalrous
Roald Norwegian famous ruler
Roan English short form of Rowan
Roar Norwegian praised warrior
Roarke Irish famous ruler
Robert English famous brilliance
Roberto Portuguese, Spanish form of Robert
Roberts English son of Robert
Robin English short form of Robert
Robinson English son of Robert
Rocco Italian rock
Rochester English rocky fortress
Rockford English rocky ford
Rockland English rocky land
Rockledge English rocky ledge
Rockley English rocky field
Rockwell English rocky spring
Rocky American familiar form of Rocco or Rock
Rod English short form of Penrod, Roderick or Rodney
Roddy English familiar form of Roderick
Roderick German famous ruler
Rodger German alternate form of Roger
Rodman German famous man, hero
Rodney English island clearing
Rodolfo Spanish form of Rudolph
Rodrigo Italian, Spanish form of Roderick
Rodriguez Spanish son of Rodrigo
Rodrik German famous ruler
Rogan Irish redhead
Roger German famous spearman
Rohan Hindi sandalwood
Roland German famous throughout the land
Rolando Portuguese, Spanish form of Roland
Rolf German form of Ralph
Rollie English familiar form of Roland
Rolon Spanish famous wolf
Roman Latin from Rome
Romeo Italian pilgrim to Rome, Roman
Romney Welsh winding river
Ron Hebrew short form of Aaron or Ronald
Ronald Scottish form of Reginald
Rondel French short poem
Ronnie Scottish familiar form of Ronald
Ronson Scottish son of Ronald
Rooney Irish redhead
Roper English rope maker
Rory German, Irish familiar form of Roderick, red king
Roscoe Scandinavian deer forest
Ross Latin, French, Scottish rose, peninsula, red
Rosswell English springtime of roses
Roswald English field of roses
Roth German redhead
Rowan English tree with red berries
Rowell English roe deer well
Rowland German, English alternate form of Roland, rough land
Roy French king
Royal French kingly, royal
Royce English son of Roy
Royden English rye hill
Ruben Hebrew alternate form of Reuben
Rudolf German alternate form of Rudolph
Rudolph German famous wolf
Rudyard English red enclosure
Ruford English red ford, ford with reeds
Rufus Latin redhead
Rumford English wide river crossing
Rune German, Swedish secret
Rush French, English redhead, short form of Russell
Rushford English ford with rushes
Ruskin French redhead
Russ French short form of Russel
Russell French redhead, fox colored
Rusty French familiar form of Russell
Rutherford English cattle ford
Rutland Scandinavian red land
Rutledge English red ledge
Rutley English red meadow
Ryan Irish little king
Ryder English alternate form of Rider
Rye English short form of Ryder
Rylan English land where rye is grown
Ryle English rye hill
Ryman English rye seller
Ryne Irish alternate form of Ryan

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