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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Mac Scottish son
Macadam Scottish son of Adam
Macallister Irish son of Alistair
Macarthur Irish son of Arthur
Macaulay Scottish son of righteousness
Macbride Scottish son of a follower of Saint Brigid
Mack Scottish short form of names beginning with Mac and Mc
Maclean Irish son of Leander
Macnair Scottish son of the heir
Macon German, English maker
Macy French Matthew's estate
Maddox Welsh, English son of the benefactor
Madison English son of Maude, good son
Magnus Latin great
Maguire Irish son of the beige one
Major Latin greater, military rank
Makin Arabic strong
Malcolm Scottish follower of Saint Columba, dove
Malden English meeting place in a pasture
Mallory German, French army counselor, wild duck
Malvin Irish, English alternate form of Melvin
Mandel German almond
Manford English small ford
Manfred English man of peace
Manheim German servant's home
Manley English hero's meadow
Mann German man
Manning English son of the hero
Mansfield English field by the river, hero's field
Manuel Hebrew short form of Emmanuel
Marc French form of Mark
Marcel French form of Marcellus
Marcello Italian form of Marcellus
Marcellus Latin familiar form of Marcus
Marco Italian form of Marcus
Marcus Latin martial, warlike
Marin French sailor
Mario Italian form of Marin
Marion French bitter, sea of bitterness
Mark Latin alternate form of Marcus
Marland English lake land
Marlon French form of Merlin
Marlow English hill by the lake
Marr Spanish, Arabic divine, forbidden
Marsden English marsh valley
Marshall French caretaker of the horses
Marston English town by the marsh
Martell English hammerer
Martin Latin, French martial, warlike, form of Martinus
Martinus Latin martial, warlike
Marvin English lover of the sea
Mason French stone worker
Massey English twin
Mathew Hebrew alternate form of Matthew
Mathias German, Swedish form of Matthew
Mathieu French form of Matthew
Matson Hebrew son of Matt
Matthew Hebrew gift of God
Maurice Latin dark skinned moor, marshland
Mauricio Spanish form of Maurice
Maury Latin familiar form of Maurice
Maverick American independent
Maxfield English Mack's field
Maxime French most excellent
Maximilian Latin greatest
Maxwell English great spring
Mayes English field
Maynard English powerful, brave
McKenzie Irish alternate form of Mackenzie
Melbourne English mill stream
Meldon English mill hill
Melville French mill town
Melvin Irish, English armored chief, mill friend, council friend
Mendel English repairman
Mercer English storekeeper
Meredith Welsh guardian from the sea
Merion Welsh from Merion, England
Merle French short form of Merlin or Merrill
Merlin English falcon
Merrick English ruler of the sea
Merrill Irish, French bright sea, famous
Merritt Latin, Irish valuable, deserving
Merville French sea village
Meshach Hebrew artist
Meyer Hebrew, German alternate form of Meir, farmer
Micah Hebrew alternate form of Michael
Michael Hebrew who is like God
Michel French form of Michael
Miguel Spanish, Portuguese form of Michael
Mikal Hebrew alternate form of Michael
Mike Hebrew short form of Michael
Mikhail Greek, Russian form of Michael
Milan Italian northerner
Miles Greek millstone, soldier, merciful
Milford English mill by the ford
Millard Latin caretaker of the mill
Miller English miler, grain grinder
Mills English mills
Milo German alternate form of Miles
Milos Greek, Slavic pleasant
Milton English mill town
Miron Polish peace
Mitchell English form of Michael
Mogens Dutch powerful
Mohammed Arabic praised
Monahan Irish monk
Montague French pointed mountain
Monte Spanish short form of Montgomery
Montez Spanish dweller in the mountains
Montgomery English rich man's mountain
Monty English familiar form of Montgomery
Moore French dark, moor, marshland
Morel French edible mushroom
Morell French dark, from Morocco
Morey Greek familiar form of Moris
Morgan Scottish sea warrior
Moris Greek son of the dark one
Morley English meadow by the moor
Morrie Latin familiar form of Maurice or Morse
Morris Latin dark skinned, moor, marshland
Morse English son of Maurice
Mortimer French still water
Morton English town near the moor
Moses Hebrew drawn out of the water
Moss Irish short form of Maurice or Morris
Murdock Scottish wealthy sailor
Murphy Irish sea warrior
Mustafa Arabic chosen, royal
Myles Latin soldier
Myron Greek fragrant ointment

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