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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Lachlan Scottish land of lakes
Ladd English attendant
Laird Scottish wealthy landowner
Lamar German famous throughout the land
Lambert German bright land
Lamond French world
Lamont Scandinavian lawyer
Lance German short form of Lancelot
Lancelot French attendant
Lane English narrow road
Lang Scandinavian tall man
Langdon English long ford
Langley English long meadow
Langston English long, narrow town
Laramie French tears of love
Larkin Irish rough, fierce
Laron French thief
Larry Latin familiar form of Lawrence
Lars Scandinavian form of Lawrence
Laszlo Hungarian famous ruler
Latham English, Scandinavian barn, district
Latimer English interpreter
Laurence Latin crowned with laurel, alternate form of Lawrence
Lavan Hebrew white
Lawler Irish mutterer
Lawrence Latin crowned with laurel
Lawson English  son of Lawrence
Lawton English town on the hill
Lazarus Greek form of Eleazar
Leander Greek lion man, brave as a lion
Lee English short form of Farley and other names containing Lee
Leif Scandinavian beloved
Leigh English alternate form of Lee
Leighton English meadow farm
Leith Scottish broad river
Leland English meadowland, protected land
Lemuel Hebrew devoted to God
Lennon Irish small cloak, cape
Lennox Scottish with many elms
Lenny German familiar form of Leonard
Leon Greek, German short form of Leonard or Napoleon
Leonard German brave as a lion
Leonel English little lion
Leonhard German alternate form of Leonard
Leopold German brave people
Leron French round, circle
Leroy French king
Leslie Scottish gray fortress
Lester Latin, English chosen camp, from Leicester, England
Leverett French young hare
Levi Hebrew joined in harmony
Levon Armenian noble or kingly
Lewin English beloved friend
Lewis English form of Louis
Liam Irish form of William
Liang Chinese good, excellent
Lincoln English settlement by the pool
Lindell English valley of the linden trees
Lindley English linden field
Lindon English alternate form of Lyndon
Lindsay English alternate form of Lindsey
Lindsey English linden tree island
Linford English linden tree ford
Linfred German peaceful, calm
Linley English flax meadow
Linton English flax town
Linus Greek flaxen haired
Lionel French lion cub
Litton English town on the hill
Lloyd Welsh gray haired, holy
Locke English forest
Logan Irish meadow
Lombard Latin long bearded
London English fortress of the moon
Loren Latin short form of Lawrence
Lorenzo Italian, Spanish form of Lawrence
Lorimer Latin harness maker
Loring German son of the famous warrior
Loris Dutch clown
Loritz Latin, Danish laurel
Lorne Latin short form of Lawrence
Lot Hebrew hidden, covered
Louis German famous warrior
Loudon German low valley
Lourdes French from Lourdes, France
Lovell English alternate form of Lowell
Lowell French, English young wolf, beloved
Lucas German, Irish form of Lucius
Lucian Latin alternate form of Lucius
Lucius Latin light, bringer of light
Ludlow English prince's hill
Ludwig German alternate form of Louis
Luigi Italian form of Louis
Luis Spanish form of Louis
Luke Latin form of Lucius
Lunn Irish warlike
Luther German famous warrior
Lyall Scottish loyal
Lyle French island
Lyman English meadow
Lyndon English linden tree hill
Lynn English waterfall, brook
Lysander Greek liberator

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