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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Kabir Hindi a Hindu mystic
Kacey Irish alternate form of Casey
Kadar Arabic powerful
Kade Scottish wetlands
Kadeem Arabic servant
Kadir Arabic spring greeting
Kado Japanese gateway
Kaelan Irish alternate form of Kellen
Kahale Hawaiian home
Kai Welsh keeper of the keys
Kailen Irish alternate form of Kellen
Kaj Danish earth
Kale Arabic, Hawaiian short form of Kahlil, familiar form of Carl
Kaleb Hebrew alternate form of Caleb
Kalen Arabic alternate form of Kale
Kalvin Latin alternate form of Calvin
Kamal Hindi lotus
Kameron Scottish alternate form of Cameron
Kane Welsh beautiful, tribute
Kareem Arabic noble, distinguished
Karey Greek alternate form of Carey
Karim Arabic alternate form of Kareem
Karl German alternate form of Carl
Karr Scandinavian alternate form of Carr
Kaseem Arabic divided
Kasey Irish alternate form of Casey
Kasper Persian treasurer
Kass German blackbird
Kassidy Irish alternate form of Cassidy
Kato Runyankore second of twins
Kavan Irish handsome
Kayle Hebrew faithful dog
Kaylen Irish alternate form of Kellen
Keane German, Irish bold, sharp, handsome
Kearney Irish alternate form of Carney
Keary Irish alternate form of Kerry
Keaton English where hawks fly
Keb Egyptian earth
Kedrick English alternate form of Cedric
Keefe Irish handsome, loved
Keegan Irish little, fiery
Keelan Irish little, slender
Keeley Irish handsome
Keenan Irish little Keene
Keene German bold, sharp, smart
Keith Welsh, Scottish forest, battle place
Kelby German farm by the spring
Kell Scandinavian spring
Kellen Irish mighty warrior
Keller Irish little companion
Kelly Irish warrior
Kelsey Scandinavian island of ships
Kelton English keel town, port
Kelvin Irish, English narrow river
Kemp English fighter, champion
Kempton English military town
Ken Japanese, Scottish one's own kind, short form of Kendall, Kendrick or Kenneth
Kendall English valley of the river Kent
Kendrick Irish, Scottish son of Henry, royal chieftain
Kenley English royal meadow
Kennan Scottish little Ken
Kennard Irish brave chieftain
Kennedy Irish helmeted chief
Kenneth Irish, English handsome, royal oath
Kenrick English bold ruler, royal ruler
Kent Welsh, English white, bright, short form of Kenton
Kenton English from Kent, England
Kentrell English king's estate
Kenward English brave, royal guardian
Kenyon Irish white haired, blond
Keon Irish form of John
Kerey Gypsy homeward bound
Kermit Irish alternate form of Dermot
Kerr Scandinavian alternate form of Carr
Kerrick English king's rule
Kerry Irish dark, dark haired
Kerwin Irish, English little, dark, friend of the marshlands
Kevan Irish alternate form of Kevin
Keven Irish alternate form of Kevin
Kevin Irish handsome
Kiel Irish alternate form of Kyle
Kieran Irish little and dark, little Keir
Killian Irish little Kelly
Kimball Greek, English hollow vessel, warrior chief
Kincaid Scottish battle chief
Kingsley English king's meadow
Kingston English king's estate
Kinnard Irish tall slope
Kinsey English victorious royalty
Kipp English pointed hill
Kirby Scandinavian, English church village, cottage by the water
Kirk Scandinavian church
Kirkland English church land
Kirkley English church meadow
Kirkwood English church forest
Klaus German short form of Nicholar
Kleef Dutch cliff
Knox English hill
Knute Scandinavian alternate form of Canute
Kody English alternate form of Cody
Kolby English alternate form of Colby
Kolton English alternate form of Colton
Konnor Irish alternate form of Connor
Konrad German alternate form of Conrad
Konstantin German, Russian form of Constantine
Korey Irish alternate form of Cory or Kory
Korrigan Irish alternate form of Corrigan
Kort German, Dutch alternate form of Cort or Kurt
Kory Irish alternate form of Corey
Kostas Greek short form of Konstantin
Kraig Irish, Scottish alternate form of Craig
Kris Greek alternate form of Chris
Krispin Latin alternate form of Crispin
Kristian Greek alternate form of Christian
Kristopher Greek Christ-bearer
Kurt Latin, French German courteous, enclosure, short form of Kurtis
Kurtis Latin, French alternate form of Curtis
Kyle Irish narrow piece of land, place where cattle graze, crowned with laurels

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