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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Jabin Hebrew God has created
Jabir Arabic consoler, comforter
Jacan Hebrew trouble
Jacinto Portuguese, Spanish hyacinth
Jack American familiar form of Jacob or John
Jackson English son of Jack
Jacob Hebrew supplanter, substitute, son of Abraham
Jacques French form of Jacob or James
Jacy Tupi-Guarani moon
Jade Spanish jade, precious stone
Jadon Hebrew God has heard
Jaegar German hunter
Jael Hebrew mountain goat
Jagger English carter
Jaime Spanish form of Jacob or James
Jairo Spanish God enlightens
Jake Hebrew short form of Jacob
Jakeem Arabic uplifted
Jakob Hebrew alternate form of Jacob
Jalil Hindi god, godlike
Jamaal Arabic alternate form of Jamal
Jamal Arabic handsome
Jamel Arabic alternate form of Jamal
James Hebrew supplanter, substitute, form of Jacob
Jameson English son of James
Jamie English familiar form of James
Jamin Hebrew favored
Jamison English some of James
Jan Dutch, Slavic form of John
Janson Scandinavian son of Jan
Janus Latin gate, passageway, born in January
Jarah Hebrew sweet as honey
Jareb Hebrew contending
Jared Hebrew descendant
Jarek Slavic born in January
Jarell Scandinavian form of Gerald
Jarl Scandinavian earl, nobleman
Jarman German from Germany
Jaron Hebrew he will sing, he will cry out
Jarred Hebrew alternate form of Jared
Jarrell English form of Gerald
Jarrett English form of Garrett or Jared
Jarrod Hebrew alternate form of Jared
Jarvis German skilled with a spear
Jason Greek healer
Jasper French, English green ornamental stone, form of Casper
Javas Sanskrit quick, swift
Javier Spanish owner of a new house
Jay French, English blue jay, short form of James or Jason
Jayme English alternate form of Jamie
Jaymes English alternate form of James
Jayson Greek alternate form of Jason
Jean French form of John
Jebediah Hebrew alternate form of Jedidiah
Jediah Hebrew hand of God
Jedidiah Hebrew friend of God, beloved of God
Jedrek Polish strong, manly
Jefferson English son of Jeff
Jeffery English alternate form of Jeffrey
Jefford English Jeff's ford
Jeffrey English divinely peaceful
Jeffrey English alternate form of Jeffrey
Jemal Arabic alternate form of Jamal
Jemond French worldly
Jenkin Flemish little John
Jeovanni Italian alternate form of Giovanni
Jerald English form of Gerald
Jeremiah Hebrew God will uplift
Jeremy English form of Jeremiah
Jeriah Hebrew Jehovah has seen
Jericho Arabic city of the moon
Jermaine French alternate form of Germain, sprout, bud
Jerod Hebrew alternate form of Jarrod
Jerome Latin holy
Jerry German, English mighty spearman, familiar form of Gerald or Gerard
Jesse Hebrew wealthy
Jessie Hebrew alternate form of Jesse
Jesus Hebrew God is my salvation
Jethro Hebrew abundant
Jett Hebrew, English short form of Jethro, hard, black mineral
Jim Hebrew, English supplanter, substitute, short form of James
Jiovanni Italian alternate form of Giovanni
Joab Hebrew God is father
Joachim Hebrew God will establish
Joaquin Spanish form of Joachim
Job Hebrew afflicted
Joben Japanese enjoys cleanliness
Jody Hebrew familiar form of Joseph
Joe Hebrew short form of Joseph
Joel Hebrew God is willing
Johann German form of John
John Hebrew God is gracious
Johnathon Hebrew alternate form of Jonathon
Johnson English son of John
Jonah Hebrew dove
Jonas Lithuanian form of John, he accomplishes
Jonathan Hebrew gift of God
Jonathon Hebrew alternate form of Jonathan
Jones Welsh son of John
Jordan Hebrew descending
Jordon Hebrew alternate form of Jordan
Jorell American he saves
Jorge Spanish form of George
Jose Spanish form of Joseph
Joseph Hebrew God will add, God will increase
Josh Hebrew short form of Joshua
Joshua Hebrew God is my salvation
Josiah Hebrew fire of the Lord
Joss Chinese luck, fate
Jotham Hebrew may God complete
Jovan Latin Jove-like, majestic, form of John
Juan Spanish form of John
Judah Hebrew praised
Judas Latin form of Judah
Judd Hebrew short form of Judah
Jude Latin short form of Judah or Judas
Judson English son of Judd
Julien Latin alternate form of Julian
Julio Hispanic form of Julius
Julius Greek, Latin youthful, downy bearded
Justin Latin just, righteous
Justis French just
Justyn Latin alternate form of Justin

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