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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Habib Arabic beloved
Hackett German, French little woodcutter
Hackman German, French woodcutter
Hadley English heather covered meadow
Hadrian Latin, Swedish dark
Hadwin English friend in a time of war
Hagan German strong defense
Hagen Irish young, youthful
Hakim Arabic wise, doctor
Halbert English shining hero
Halden Scandinavian half Danish
Halen Swedish hall
Haley Irish ingenious
Halford English valley ford
Hallan English dweller at the hall or manor
Halliwell English holy well
Hallward English hall guard
Halsey English Hal's island
Halstead English manor grounds
Halton English estate on the hill
Ham Hebrew hot, one of Noah's sons
Hamilton English proud estate
Hamlin German, French loves his home
Hammet English village
Hammond English village
Hampton English town in England
Hanford English high ford
Hank American familiar form of Henry
Hanley English high meadow
Hannibal Phoenician grace of God
Hans Scandinavian form of John
Hansel Scandinavian alternate form of Hans
Hansen Scandinavian son of Hans
Harald Scandinavian alternate form of Harold
Harbin German, French little bright warrior
Harcourt French fortified dwelling
Harden English valley of the hares
Harding English brave man's son
Hardwin English brave friend
Hardy German bold, daring
Harel Hebrew mountain of God
Harford English ford of the hares
Hargrove English grove of the hares
Harlan English hare's land, army land
Harley English hare's meadow, army meadow
Harlow English hare's hill, army hill
Harold Scandinavian army ruler
Harper English harp player
Harris English short form of Harrison
Harrison English son of Harry
Harrod Hebrew hero, conqueror
Hart English short form of Hartley
Hartley English deer meadow
Hartman German hard, strong
Hartwell English deer well
Harvey German army warrior
Hastings Latin, English spear, house council
Haven Dutch, English harbor, port, safe place
Hawley English hedged meadow
Hawthorne English hawthorn tree
Hayden English hedged valley
Hayes English hedged valley
Hayward English guardian of the hedged area
Haywood English hedged forest
Hearn Scottish, English short form of Ahearn
Heath English heath
Heathcliff English cliff near the heath
Heaton English high place
Hector Greek steadfast
Hedley English heather filled meadow
Heinrich German alternate form of Henry
Helmut German courageous
Henderson Scottish, English son of Henry
Hendrick Dutch form of Henry
Henley English high meadow
Henning German alternate form of Hendrick or Henry
Henrick Dutch form of Henry
Henry German ruler of the household
Herbert German glorious soldier
Herman Latin, German noble, soldier
Hermes Greek messenger
Herrick German war ruler
Herschel Hebrew alternate form of Hershel
Hershel Hebrew deer
Hewitt German, French little smart one
Hezekiah Hebrew God gives strength
Hildebrand German battle sword
Hilliard German brave warrior
Hilton English town on a hill
Hiram Hebrew noblest, exalted
Hobart German Bart's hill
Hobert German Bert's hill
Hobson English son of Robert
Hodgson English son of Roger
Hogan Irish youth
Holbrook English brook in the hollow
Holden English hollow in the valley
Hollis English grove of holly trees
Holmes English river islands
Holt English forest
Homer Greek hostage, pledge, security
Honesto Filipino honest
Horace Latin keeper of the hours
Horatio Latin clan name
Horst German dense grove, thicket
Horton English garden estate
Hosea Hebrew salvation
Houston English hill town
Howard English watchman
Howe German high
Howell Welsh remarkable
Howie English familiar form of Howard
Howland English hilly land
Hoyt Irish mind, spirit
Hubbard German alternate form of Hubert
Hubert German bright mind, bright spirit
Huey English familiar form of Hugh
Hugh English short form of Hubert
Hugo Latin form of Hugh
Hulbert German brilliant grace
Humbert German brilliant strength
Humberto Portuguese form of Humbert
Humphrey German peaceful strength
Hunter English hunter
Huntington English hunting estate
Huntley English hunter's meadow
Hurley Irish sea tide
Hussein Arabic little, handsome
Hutchinson English son of the hutch dweller
Hutton English house on the jutting ledge
Huxley English Hugh's meadow
Hyatt English high gate
Hyde English measure of land equal to 120 acres

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