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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Gabe Hebrew short form of Gabriel
Gabriel Hebrew devoted to God
Gage French pledge
Gale Greek short form of Galen
Galen Greek healer, calm, little and lively
Gallagher Irish eager helper
Galt Norwegian high ground
Galton English owner of a rented estate
Galvin Irish sparrow
Gamble Scandinavian old
Gannon Irish light skinned, white
Garcia Spanish mighty with a spear
Gardner English gardener
Gareth Welsh gentle
Garett Irish alternate form of Garrett
Garfield English field of spears, battlefield
Garland French wreath of flowers, prize
Garman English spearman
Garner French army guard, sentry
Garnett Latin pomegranate seed, garnet stone, armed with a spear
Garrett Irish brave spearman
Garrick English oak spear
Garrison French troops stationed at a fort
Garry English alternate form of Gary
Garson English son of Gar
Garth Scandinavian garden, gardener, short form of Gareth
Garvey Irish rough peace
Garvin English comrade in battle
Gary German mighty spearman, familiar form of Gerald
Gaston French from Gascony, France
Gavin Welsh white hawk
Gaylen Greek alternate form of Galen
Gaylord French merry lord, jailer
Gaynor Irish son of the fair skinned man
Geary English variable, changeable
Geffrey English alternate form of Geoffrey
Gene Greek born to nobility, short form of Eugene
Geno Italian form of John
Genovese Italian from Genoa, Italy
Geoff English short form of Geoffrey
Geoffrey English divinely peaceful, form of Jeffrey
George Greek farmer
Georgios Greek alternate form of George
Gerald German mighty, spearman
Gerard English brave spearman
Gerardo Spanish form of Gerard
Germain French from Germany, sprout, bud
Geronimo Greek, Italian form of Jerome
Gerry English familiar form of Gerald or Gerard
Gert German, Danish fighter
Gervaise French honorable
Gian Italian form of Giovanni or John
Gibson English son of Gilbert
Gideon Hebrew tree cutter
Gifford English bold giver
Gil Greek shield bearer, happy, short form of Gilbert
Gilbert English brilliant pledge, trustworthy
Giles French goatskin shield
Gillespie Irish son of the bishop's servant
Gilmer English famous hostage
Gilmore Irish devoted to the Virgin Mary
Gilroy Irish devoted to the king
Gino Greek familiar form of Eugene
Giovanni Italian form of John
Giuseppe Italian form of Joseph
Glendon Scottish fortress in the glen
Glenn Irish short form on Glendon
Goddard German divinely firm
Godfrey German form of Jeffrey
Godwin English friend of God
Goldwin English golden friend
Gomer Hebrew completed, finished
Gordon English triangular hill
Gorman Irish small, blue-eyed
Grady Irish noble, illustrious
Graham English grand home
Grant English great plains
Gray English gray haired
Grayden English gray haired
Grayson English bailiff's son
Greg Latin short form of Gregory
Gregory Latin vigilant watchman
Greyson English alternate form of Grayson
Griffin Latin hooked nose
Griffith Welsh fierce chief, ruddy
Griswold German, French gray forest
Grover English grove
Guillermo Spanish form of William
Gunther Scandinavian battle army, warrior
Gustave Scandinavian staff of the Goths
Guthrie German war hero, windy place
Guy Hebrew valley, warrior, guide

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