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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Eagan Irish very mighty
Earl Irish pledge, nobleman
Earnest English alternate form of Ernest
Easton English eastern town
Eaton English estate on the river
Eben Hebrew rock
Ebenezer Hebrew foundation stone
Edan Scottish fire
Edbert English wealthy, bright
Edel German noble
Edgar English successful spearman
Edison English son of Edward
Edmond English alternate form of Edmund
Edmund English prosperous protector
Edric English prosperous ruler
Edsel English rich man's house
Edson English short form of Edison
Eduardo Spanish form of Edward
Edward English prosperous guardian
Edwin English prosperous friend
Efrem Hebrew short form of Ephraim
Egan Irish ardent, fiery
Egbert English bright sword
Elden English alternate form of Alden
Eldon English holy hill
Elgin English noble, white
Eli Hebrew uplifted, short form of Elijah
Elias Greek form of Elijah
Elijah Hebrew the Lord is my God
Ellard German sacred, brave
Ellery English elder tree
Elliott English forms of Eli and Elijah
Ellis English form of Elias
Ellison English son of Ellis
Elmer English noble, famous
Elmo English alternate form of Elmer
Elmore English moor where elm trees grow
Elroy French alternate form of Delroy and Leroy
Elton English old town
Elvis Scandinavian wise
Elwood English old forest
Emanuel Hebrew alternate form of Emmanuel
Emerson German, English son of Emery
Emery German industrious leader
Emil Latin, German flatterer, industrious
Emilio Italian, Spanish form of Emil
Emmanuel Hebrew God is with us
Emmett German industrious, strong
Emory German alternate form of Emery
Engelbert German bright as an angel
Ennis Greek mine
Enoch Hebrew dedicated, consecrated
Enos Hebrew man
Enrique Spanish form of Henry
Ephraim Hebrew fruitful
Erasmus Greek lovable
Erhard German strong, resolute
Eric German short form of Frederick, ruler of all, brave ruler
Erik Scandinavian alternate form of Eric
Erin Irish peaceful
Ernest English earnest, sincere
Ernesto Spanish form of Ernest
Errol Latin wanderer, alternate form of Earl
Esau Hebrew rough, hairy, Jacob's twin brother
Esmond English rich protector
Esteban Spanish form of Stephen
Ethan Hebrew strong, firm
Eugene Greek born to nobility
Evan Irish young warrior
Everett English form of Eberhard, courageous as a boar
Ewing English friend of the law
Ezekiel Hebrew strength of God
Ezra Hebrew helper, strong

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