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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Dag Scandinavian day, bright
Dagwood English shining forest
Dakota Dakota friend, partner, tribal name
Dalbert English bright, shining
Dalen English alternate form of Dale
Daley Irish assembly, familiar form of Dale
Dalston English Daegel's place
Dalton English town in the valley
Damian Greek tamer, soother
Damien Greek alternate form of Damian
Damon Greek constant, loyal, spirit, demon
Dana Scandinavian from Denmark
Dane English from Denmark
Daniel Hebrew God is my judge
Dante Latin lasting, enduring
Dar Hebrew pearl
Daran Irish alternate form of Darren
Darby Irish, English free, deer park
Darcy Irish dark
Daren Irish alternate form of Darren
Darius Greek wealthy
Darnell English hidden place
Darrell French darling, beloved, grove of oak trees
Darren Irish great, rocky hill
Darrick German alternate form of Derek
Daryl French alternate form of Darryl
David Hebrew beloved, first king of Israel
Davin Scandinavian brilliant Finn
Davis Welsh son of David
Davon American form of Davin
Dawson English son of David
Dax French, English water
Dayton English day town, bright, sunny town
Deacon Greek one who serves
Dean French leader, valley
Declan Irish man of prayer
Dedrick German ruler of the people
Deems English judge's child
Delaney Irish descendant of the challenger
Delano French nut tree, dark
Delbert English bright as day
Delmar Latin sea
Delroy French belonging to the king
Demetrius Greek lover of the earth
Demitri Greek short form of Demetrius
Demond Irish short form of Desmond
Demont French mountain
Dempsey Irish proud
Denby Scandinavian a Danish village
Denham English village in the valley
Denis Greek alternate form of Dennis
Denley English meadow, valley
Dennis Greek follower of Dionysius, the god of wine
Dennison English son of Dennis
Denton English happy home
Denver English green valley
Denzil Cornish location in Cornwall, England
Deon Greek alternate form of Dennis
Derek German ruler of the people
Derick German alternate form of Derek
Deron Hebrew bird, freedom
Derrell French alternate form of Darrell
Derrick German ruler of the people, alternate form of Derek
Desmond Irish from south Munster
Destin French destiny, fate
Destry American form of Destin
Detrick German alternate form of Dedrick
Deven Hindi for God
Devin Irish poet
Devlin Irish brave, fierce
Devon Irish alternate form of Devin
Dewayne Irish alternate form of Dwayne
Dewey Welsh prized
DeWitt Flemish blond
Diedrich German alternate form of Dedrick or Dietrich
Diego Spanish form of Jacob or James
Dietrich German alternate form of Dedrick
Dillon Irish loyal, faithful
Dimitri Russian form of Demetrius
Dino German little sword
Dinsmore Irish fortified hill
Dion Greek short form of Dennis
Dirk German short form of Derek
Dixon English son of Dick
Dmitri Russian alternate form of Dimitri
Doane English low, rolling hills
Dobry Polish good
Dolan Irish dark haired
Domingo Spanish born on Sunday
Dominic Latin belonging to the Lord
Dominick Latin alternate form of Dominic
Donahue Irish dark warrior
Donald Scottish world leader, proud leader
Donato Italian gift
Donnell Irish brave, dark
Donnelly Irish alternate form of Donnell
Donovan Irish dark warrior
Dooley Irish dark hero
Dorian Greek from Doris, Greece
Doug Scottish short form of Dougal or Douglas
Dougal Scottish dark stranger
Douglas Scottish dark river, dark stream
Dow Irish dark haired
Doyle Irish form of Dougal
Drake English dragon, owner of the inn with the dragon trademark
Drew Welsh wise, short form of Andrew
Drummond Scottish druid's mountain
Dryden English dry valley
Duane Irish alternate from of Dwayne
Duarte Portuguese rich guard
Dudley English common field
Duff Scottish dark
Dugan Irish dark
Duke French leader, duke
Duncan Scottish brown warrior
Dunham Scottish brown
Dunley English hilly meadow
Dunlop Scottish fortress on the hill
Dunstan English brown-stone fortress
Durant Latin enduring
Durell Scottish, English king's doorkeeper
Dustin German valiant fighter
Dustyn English alternate form of Dustin
Dutch Dutch from the Netherlands
Dwayne Irish dark
Dwight English form of DeWitt
Dylan Welsh sea
Dyson English short form of Dennison, son of Dennis

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