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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Cable French, English rope maker
Cadby English warrior's settlement
Cade Welsh battler
Caelan Scottish form of Nicholas
Cahil Turkish young, naive
Cain Hebrew spear, gatherer, Adam and Eve's oldest son
Calder Welsh, English brook, stream
Caldwell English cold well
Caleb Hebrew dog, faithful, bold, brave
Calhoun Irish narrow woods, warrior
Callum Irish Dove
Calvert English calf herder
Calvin Latin bald
Camden Scottish winding valley
Cameron Scottish crooked nose
Campbell Latin, French beautiful field, crooked mouth
Camron Scottish short form of Cameron
Cannon French church official, large gun
Carey Greek pure, castle, rocky island
Carl German farmer, strong and manly
Carlin Irish little champion
Carlisle English Carl's Island
Carlos Spanish form of Carl or Charles
Carlton English Carl's town
Carmine Latin song, crimson
Carnell English defender of the castle
Carney Irish, Scottish victorious, fighter
Carroll German alternate form of Carl, champion
Carson English son of Carr
Carter English cart driver
Carver English wood carver, sculptor
Case Irish short form of Casey
Casey Irish brave
Cash Latin vain
Casper Persian treasurer, imperial
Cassidy Irish clever, curly haired
Cavan Irish handsome
Cecil Latin blind
Cedric English battle chieftain
Chad English warrior, short form of Chadwick
Chadrick German mighty warrior
Chadwick English warrior's town
Chance English short form of Chancellor, Chauncey
Chancellor English record-keeper
Chandler English candle maker
Chaney French oak
Channing English wise
Chapman English merchant
Charles German farmer, strong and manly
Charlton English alternate form of Carlton
Chase French hunter
Chauncey English chancellor, church official
Chayton Lakota falcon
Chester English short form of Rochester
Chet English short form of Chester
Chilton English farm by the spring
Chip English familiar form of Charles
Christian Greek follower of Christ, annointed
Christopher Greek Christ-bearer, patron saint of travelers and drivers
Chuck American familiar form of Charles
Churchill English church on the hill
Cicero Latin chickpea
Clancy Irish red headed fighter
Clarence Latin clear, victorious
Clark French cleric, scholar
Claude Latin, French lame
Clay English clay pit, short form of Clayborne or Clayton
Clayborne English brook near the clay pit
Clayton English town built on clay
Cleavon English cliff
Clement Latin merciful
Cleon Greek famous
Cletus Greek illustrious
Cleveland English land of cliffs
Clifford English cliff at the river crossing
Clifton English cliff town
Clinton English hill town
Clive English alternate form of Cliff
Clovis German famous soldier
Clyde Welsh warm
Coby Hebrew familiar form of Jacob
Cody English cushion
Colbert English famous seafarer
Colby English dark, dark haired
Cole Greek short form of Nicholas
Coleman Latin cabbage farmer, coal miner
Colin Greek short form of Nicholas, young cub
Collier English miner
Collin Scottish form of Colin or Collins
Collins Greek son of Colin
Colson Greek, English son of Nicholas
Colt English young horse
Colter English herd of colts
Colton English coal town
Conan Irish, Scottish praised, exalted, wise
Conlan Irish hero
Connor Scottish wise, alternate form of Conan
Conrad German brave counselor
Conroy Irish wise
Constantine Latin firm, constant
Conway Irish hound of the plain
Cooper English barrel maker
Corbett Latin raven
Corbin Latin raven
Cordell French rope maker
Cordero Spanish little lamb
Corey Irish hollow
Cornelius Greek cornel tree, horn colored
Cornell French form of Cornelius
Corrin Irish spear carrier
Cort German bold, short
Corwin English heart's companion, heart's delight
Cory Latin form of Corey or Cornell
Cosmo Greek orderly, harmonious, universe
Costa Greek short form of Constantine
Coty French slope, hillside
Courtland English court's land
Courtney English court
Cowan Irish hillside hollow
Coy English woods
Craig Irish, Scottish crag, steep rock
Crandall English crane's valley
Crawford English ford where crows fly
Creighton English town near the rocks
Crispin Latin curly haired
Cristian Greek alternate form of Christian
Cristopher Greek alternate form of Christopher
Cromwell Irish town with cottages
Crosby Scandinavian shrine of the cross
Crosley English meadow of the cross
Cullen Irish handsome
Culver English dove
Cunningham Irish village of the milk pail
Curran Irish hero
Curt Latin short form of Courtney, Curtis
Curtis Latin enclosure, courteous
Cuthbert English brilliant
Cutler English knife maker
Cyrano Greek from Cyrene, an ancient Greek City
Cyril Greek lordly
Cyrus Persian king in ancient Persia

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