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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Baden German bather
Bailey French bailiff, steward
Bainbridge Irish fair bridge
Baird Irish bard, traveling minstrel, poet
Baker English baker, form of Baxter
Baldric German brave ruler
Baldwin German bold friend
Balfour Scottish pasture land
Ballard German brave, strong
Bancroft English bean field
Banning Irish small and fair
Barak Hebrew lightning bolt
Barclay Scottish, English birch tree meadow
Bardolf German bright wolf
Barker English lumberjack
Barlow English bare hillside
Barnaby English son of the missionary
Barnes English bear, son of Barnett
Barnett English nobleman, leader
Barnes English bear, son of Barnett
Barney English familiar form of Barnabas or Barnett
Barrett German strong as bear
Barrington English a town in England
Barry Welsh son of Harry, spear, marksman, gate, fence
Bart Hebrew short form of Bartholomew, Barton
Bartholomew Hebrew son of Talmai, one of the 12 apostles
Barton English barley farm
Bartram English alternate form of Bertram
Baruch Hebrew blessed
Basil Greek, Latin royal, kingly
Bastien German short form of Sebastian
Baxter English alternate form of Baker
Bayard English reddish brown hair
Beale French alternate form of Beau
Beasley English field of peas
Beattie Latin blessed, happy, bringer of joy
Beau French handsome
Beaufort French beautiful fort
Beaumont French beautiful mountain
Beauregard French handsome, beautiful, well regarded
Beck English brook
Bellamy French beautiful friend
Benedict Latin blessed
Benito Italian form of Benedict
Benjamin Hebrew son of my right hand
Bennett Latin little blessed one
Benson Hebrew son of Ben
Bentley English moor, coarse, grass meadow
Benton English Ben's town, town on the moors
Bergen German, Scandinavian hill dweller
Berk Turkish solid, rugged
Bernard German brave as a bear
Berthold German bright, illustrious, brilliant ruler
Berton English bright settlement, fortified town
Bertram German bright, illustrious, bright raven
Bertrand German bright shield
Bing German kettle-shaped hollow
Birch English white, shining, birch tree
Birkitt English birch tree coast
Birney English island with a brook
Bishop Greek overseer
Bjorn Scandinavian form of Bernard
Blaine Irish thin, lean, river source
Blair Irish plain, field
Blaise French stammerer, flame
Blake English attractive, dark
Blakely English dark meadow
Blayne Irish alternate form of Blaine
Blythe English carefree, merry, joyful
Boone Latin, French good
Booth English hut, temporary dwelling
Borden French cottage, valley of the boar
Boris Slavic battler, warrior
Bosley English grove of trees
Bourne Latin, French boundary, brook, stream
Bowen Welsh son of Owen
Boyce French woods, forest
Boyd Scottish yellow haired
Bradburn English broad stream
Braden English broad valley
Bradford English broad river crossing
Bradley English broad meadow
Bradshaw English broad forest
Brady Irish spirited, broad island
Branch Latin paw, claw, tree branch
Brand English firebrand, sword, short form of Brandon
Brandon English beacon hill
Brandt English proud
Brendan Irish, English little raven, sword
Brennan English, Irish alternate form of Brendan
Brent English short form of Brenton
Brenton English steep hill
Brett Scottish from Great Britain
Brian Irish, Scottish strong, virtuous, honorable
Brice Welsh alert, ambitious
Brock English badger
Broderick Welsh son of Roderick, broad ridge
Brody Irish ditch, canal builder
Bromley English brushwood meadow
Bronson English son of Brown
Brook English brook, stream
Brooks English son of Brook
Bruce French brushwood thicket, woods
Bryan Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Bryant Irish alternate form of Bryan
Bryce Welsh alert, ambitious
Bryon German cottage, bear
Bryson Welsh son of Brice
Buckley English deer meadow
Buford English ford near the castle
Burgess English town dweller, shopkeeper
Burke German, French fortress, castle
Burne English meadow with knotted tree trunks
Burris Swedish town dweller
Burton English fortified town
Buster American hitter, puncher
Byram English cattleyard
Byrne English brook
Byron French cottage, barn

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