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Baby Names

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Boy's Names

Name Origin Meaning
Aaron Hebrew enlightened, messenger, the brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Jews
Abbey Hebrew familiar form of Abe
Abbott Hebrew father, abbot
Abdul Arabic servant
Abdulaziz Arabic servant of the mighty
Abdullah Arabic servant of Allah
Abe Hebrew short form of Abel, Abraham
Abel Hebrew breath, meadow, short form of Abelard, Adam and Eve's second son
Abelard German noble, resolute
Abi Turkish older brother
Abiah Hebrew God is my father
Abie Hebrew familiar form of Abraham
Abner Hebrew father of light, the commander of King Saul's army
Abraham Hebrew father of many nations, the first Hebrew patriarch
Abram Hebrew short form of Abraham
Absalom Hebrew father of peace, the son of King David
Ace Latin unity
Achilles Greek hero of the Trojan war
Ackerley English meadow of oak trees
Acton English oak tree settlement
Adair Scottish oak tree ford
Adam Phoenician man, mankind, earth, man of the red earth, first man created by God
Adamson Hebrew son of Adam
Adar Syrian ruler, prince, noble, exalted
Addison English son of Adam
Addy Hebrew familiar form of Adam, Adlai or Adelard
Ade Yoruba royal
Adebayo Yoruba he came in a joyful time
Adelard German noble, courageous
Adigun Yoruba righteous
Adlai Hebrew my ornament
Adler German eagle
Adolf German noble wolf
Adolph German alternate form of Adolf
Adonis Greek highly attractive
Adrian Greek rich, dark
Adriano Italian form of Adrian
Adriel Hebrew member of God's flock
Adrien French form of Adrian
Afton English from Afton
Ahab Hebrew father's brother
Ahern Scottish lord of the horses
Ahmad Arabic most highly praised
Ahmed Swahili praiseworthy
Aidan Irish fiery
Aiken English made of oak
Aimery German alternate form of Emery
Ainsley Scottish my own meadow
Akbar Arabic great
Akim Hebrew short form of Joachim
Akira Japanese intelligent
Aksel Norwegian father of peace
Alain French form of Alan
Alaire French joyful
Alan Irish handsome, peaceful
Alastair Scottish form of Alexander
Alban Latin from Alba, city on a white hill
Albert German, French noble and bright
Albie, Alby German, French familiar forms of Albert
Alcott English old cottage
Alden English old, wise, protector
Aldo Italian old, elder
Aldred English old, wise, counselor
Aldrich English wise counselor
Alec Greek short form of alexander
Alejandro Spanish form of Alexander
Alexander Greek defender of mankind
Alexis Greek short form of Alexander
Alfonso Italian, Spanish form of Alphonse
Alford English old river ford
Alfred English elf counselor, wise counselor
Alger German noble spearman
Algernon English bearded, wearing a moustache
Alphonse German noble and eager
Alroy Spanish king
Alston English noble's settlement
Altair Greek star, flying eagle
Alton English old town
Alvaro Spanish just, wise
Alvin Latin white, light skinned, friend to all, friend of elves
Amato French loved
Ambrose Greek immortal
Ames French friend
Amir Hebrew proclaimed, wealthy, king's minister
Amory German alternate form of Emory
Amos Hebrew burdened, troubled
Anand Hindi blissful
Anastasius Greek resurrection
Anatole Greek east
Anders Swedish form of Andrew
Andre French form of Andrew
Andreas Greek form of Andrew
Andrew Greek strong, manly, courageous
Angelo Italian angel, messenger
Angus Scottish exceptional, outstanding
Anil Hindi wind god
Anka Turkish phoenix
Ansel French follower of a nobleman
Anson German divine, Anne's son
Anthony Latin praiseworthy, flourishing
Antoine French form of Anthony
Anwar Arabic luminous
Archer English bowman
Archibald German bold
Ardell Latin eager, industrious
Aren Danish eagle, ruler
Aric German alternate form of Richard or Eric
Ariel Hebrew lion of God
Aries Greek Greek god of war
Arion Greek enchanted
Aristotle Greek best, wise
Arlen Irish pledge
Arlo German alternate form of Charles
Armand Latin noble, soldier
Armstrong English strong arm
Arnold German eagle ruler
Arsenio Greek masculine, virile
Arthur Irish noble, lofty hill, bear, rock
Arundel English eagle valley
Arvin German friend of people, friend of the army
Asa Hebrew physician, healer, falcon
Ascot English eastern cottage
Ashby Scandinavian ash tree farm
Asher Hebrew happy, blessed
Ashford English ash tree ford
Ashley English ash tree meadow
Ashon Swahili seventh born son
Ashton English ash tree settlement
Aston English eastern town
Atley English meadow
Atwell English at the well
Atwood English at the forest
Atworth English at the farmstead
Aubrey German noble, bearlike
Audie German noble, strong, form of Edward
Audon French old, rich
Audric English wise ruler
August Latin majestic
Augustus Latin majestic, venerable
Aurelius Latin golden
Austin Latin majestic
Averill French born in April, boar warrior
Avery English form of Aubrey
Axel Latin axe, small oak tree, source of life

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